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Enjoy more time with clients and staff


Give clients what they already want

It's true, the desire for a barber or a blow wave could strike at any moment. In fact 50% of bookings happen outside of regular salon hours.


Clients want to book now, not later. Bookwell lets them book in 24/7 and then manage their own appointment without you needing to lift a finger.


When clients log in to cancel or reschedule their appointments online, you get a notification rather than a phone interruption. 

man and son with shaving cream on chins.

“I have to swear by online bookings. You can really control your day rather than your day controlling you. You’re more organised. You can foresee your next day before you start instead of rocking up and waiting for walk-ins.”

— Jaymie Fakhry, owner of Barbers and Blowaves

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