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"I see Bookwell as a breath of fresh air really. I switched over from my old platform because Bookwell is better priced without a monthly fee, easier to learn and based locally. It's been great. It's definitely worth more to me because it's really good value."

— Emme Messina, owner of Radiance Beauty Camberwell

Cosmetologist with client performing ski

How Radiance Beauty earned a marketing ROI of 9100%

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Discovering a beautiful future

Starting a new system to manage your business is easy with Bookwell. As you're moving towards your dreams for your salon, we're right here to help at every step.


Spending time on what you want most


Leading growth with streamlined solutions


Trusting you're getting value back


Dazzling clients with your brand online

"I trust Bookwell. I like the system a lot, and I feel like I'm getting good value for what I'm paying. Clients love it. It's easier for them and for us."

— Lidiane Poleto, owner of Salon Oasis


Free, unlimited features, cancel anytime

We know no two days are the same for your salon. So if your sales are changing from month to month, wouldn't it be nice if your overheads reflected that? We think it's more fair for you to invest in a system that continuously adds value back, which is how we've designed Bookwell.

And as a Bookwell partner, you enjoy free, unlimited access to all the features and all the support you need to crush your goals. It's all unlocked. You can cancel anytime, too.

Partner success story

How Radiance Beauty Camberwell earned 9100% ROI on a marketing campaign with Bookwell

Within 6 months on Bookwell, beauty salon Radiance Beauty Camberwell had over 50 five-star reviews. So it's no surprise that the owner, Emme Messina, and her two team members have achieved some serious milestones since joining Bookwell in October 2019. Emme was kind enough to share her thoughts with us about the impact changing to Bookwell has had on her business.


ROI from a single marketing campaign


Number of clients booking online


Monthly savings since switching to Bookwell


ROI on automated marketing

When joining Bookwell, Radiance Beauty Camberwell's monthly overheads for a complete salon management system reduced by 95% or more each month.

"It's really awesome that Bookwell is set up so that the pricing happens naturally. So you’re paying for the system as you need it, and not paying when you don’t get anything back from it."

— Emme Messina, owner of Radiance Beauty Camberwell

Beautician doing eyelash extensions on c


Celebrate more wins with time-saving marketing

We've designed easy and effective texting tools. They'll save you loads of time. And your clients will be a lot more engaged and ready to rebook.

First, our automated marketing can send out booking reminders, birthday texts, review requests and more. Set it up once so clients book in twice  or more.


Second, campaign marketing is best for once-off announcements. You can filter to target specific groups. This is how Radiance Beauty Camberwell converted 26 clients for 9,100% ROI.

And finally, we love chats and guess you might too. Using Bookwell for one-on-one texting is handy. Then all staff can access client message threads, rather than them being stuck on one person's phone.

An example chat using Bookwell's automated marketing text tools between a salon owner and their client that says "Happy birthday Bonnie! Look forward to seeing you soon." and the client, Bonnie replies "Thanks beautiful xxx Hope so too!"

"It's very important to me that I'm able to communicate to my clients, so I think it's great that it's so easy to do texting campaigns with Bookwell. The SMS-ing is very useful and not too expensive."

— Emme Messina, owner of Radiance Beauty Camberwell

Radiance Beauty earned $92 for every $1 spent on their recent Bookwell marketing campaign


A lovely new way for clients to discover you

Over 80,000 people visit Bookwell's online marketplace searching for treatments each week. Those potential clients can browse salons and book instantly, but only with our business partners.


Our data shows that after joining Bookwell, for every 20 clients walking through your door, on average 1 of them could be a new client from us! Why not use software that sends you new clients too?

We're a holistic beauty salon software that supports your business from top to toe. From a free photoshoot and website help to the seamless Bookwell marketplace and salon management system, our goal is to give you everything you need to thrive. And if you do need more, just ask!

Client at checkout paying at front recep

Bookwell's online marketplace where new clients can find you

A screenshot of Bookwell's online booking marketplace showing businesses in the beauty and wellness categories listed and ready for online bookings

"Bookwell is a booking platform too, so somebody completely new to me could be searching from Bookwell and find me. I like that Bookwell reaches out to new customers whereas other programs I’ve used haven’t had that."

— Emme Messina, owner of Radiance Beauty Camberwell

A professional looking woman looking down smiling at a tablet to show how Bookwell can be accessed on any device and give business owners more clarity and control

Lovely target-setting in Bookwell helps you reach your goals

A screenshot from Bookwell's software showing how salon managers can set targets to achieve goals

"There’s a peace of mind connected to Bookwell for me. It’s an easy booking platform. It contains all the data on my clients, and I’m able to communicate to my clients via SMS. Then it has the reporting that I need. So it has everything that I need."

— Emme Messina, owner of Radiance Beauty Camberwell


A clean, cloud-based system for a clearer view

Prepare to achieve your goals. Our aim is to empower you to drive your business towards its fullest potential. So all you need is WiFi to access Bookwell's appointment book, reports and marketing tools on any device. Building your business is so much easier when everything is right at your fingertips. 

Your bookings, client records and product sales are all painting a picture of your business' performance. So let's take a look. Our easy, visual reports allow you to lead with extra clarity and confidence. 

Returning clients report on tablet.jpg


Create a flawless client experience every time

Having happy, glowing clients who will rave about their experience with you is the goal. This starts before they walk through your door and ends long after their appointment. Fortunately our automated text messages can keep your salon fresh and elevated in their minds.


Our beauty partners tell us they especially love automated follow-up care texts. These text messages send after a client's appointment. You can customise the message and sending time depending on what treatment they booked. This feature is fabulous for reminding clients of aftercare instructions or touch up appointments that will give them the best results possible.

Woman with beautiful skin touching her f
An example of a salon owner using Bookwell's automated follow-up aftercare marketing tools to send an automated text to their client. The graphic has a text bubble that reads "Hey Anna! It's Maria at Lash Brow Studio. A friendly reminder that your lash infill is due next week!" and the client Anna replies "Thank you!! Booked in can't wait xx"


Thanks to Emme and the gorgeous team at Radiance Beauty Camberwell

"The customer support at Bookwell is one of the reasons why I mention Bookwell and it makes me smile. I'm happy to be associated with Bookwell and the people who work there. The team is exceptional - really prompt and pleasant and happy."

— Emme Messina, owner of Radiance Beauty Camberwell

Creating more space

So are you looking for a little more freedom, control or peace of mind? Or is something else inspiring you to seek some change? We'd be so happy to hear, and maybe we could help make your business even stronger.

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